• Dr. Disrespect's Black on Blackberry
  • Dr. Disrespect's Black on Blackberry

Dr. Disrespect's Black on Blackberry

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The year is 1993. The arena is jam-packed. The roaring sound of millions of fans envelops every nook and cranny of the state-of-the-art facility. The most elite gaming tournament to ever be conceived by man has begun. Amongst a sea of inferior, untalented punks, a ruthless champion was born. Was it the bullet-proof mullet dripping in sweat? Was it the poisonous Ethiopian caterpillar? Was it the chiseled jaw line? The 37 inch vertical leap? Or was it…The secret formula…? Discretely hidden in the shadows…? Only the Doc knows…

What’s in G FUEL that makes it so special?

Being special doesn’t just happen overnight - It took years of trial & error, advanced research, complex math equations, and science to achieve our award-winning formula! And having a great formula isn’t just about what’s in it, it’s also about what’s not in it!

-Sugar Free
-Gluten Free
-5g carbs per serving
-10 different vitamins per serving
-25 calories per serving
-19 different fruit extracts per serving
-150mg of caffeine per serving