• Keemstar's Cotton Candy

Keemstar's Cotton Candy

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Picture this…A magnificent carnival! Located on top of a cloud made of dreams! Rides and attractions as far as the eye can see! Friends and family join you in the fun! The atmosphere is filled with glee! None of the games are rigged - You win all the prizes! You are as happy as one can be! And the best part??? You are surrounded by an endless supply of our newest, most-scrumptious G FUEL concoction yet - KEEMSTAR’S…COTTON CANDY!!!!

What’s in G FUEL that makes it so special?

Being special doesn’t just happen overnight - It took years of trial & error, advanced research, complex math equations, and science to achieve our award-winning formula! And having a great formula isn’t just about what’s in it, it’s also about what’s not in it!

-Sugar Free
-Gluten Free
-5g carbs per serving
-10 different vitamins per serving
-25 calories per serving
-19 different fruit extracts per serving
-150mg of caffeine per serving