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RCN Nutrition - Thermonuke 

Accelerate your metabolism and fat loss with RCN Nutrition’s most popular thermogenic, Thermonuke. Enjoy a state of the art energy matrix and even more delicious flavours than before with the new and improved formula! 


  • Fat burning
  • Appetite control
  • Rapid mood improvement
  • Intense energy
  • Powerful thermogenic effects
  • State of the art energy matrix 
  • Fully disclosed label
  • New flavours
  • One scoop, one serve


Containing a state of the art energy matrix and a highly potent blend of mood-enhancing compounds and thermogenic fat loss ingredients, RCN Nutrition Thermonuke is designed to deliver a rush of unwavering energy, tunnel-vision focus, reduced water retention and improved fat burning to help ramp up your workout performance and weight loss results. If you’re looking for the perfect formula to help you feel motivated, lean and uplifted, there’s nothing on the market quite like Thermonuke’s unique thermogenic complex.

Thermonuke’s improved formula contains the benefits you loved most about the original product, with the addition of a state of the art energy matrix and an even more delicious flavour profile than before. In addition to key fat burning ingredients, Grains of Paradise and Bitter Orange Extract, RCN Nutrition’s over-engineered and hard-hitting thermogenic now contains Lean GBB to help boost energy, exercise performance and fat loss, and Infinergy Di-Caffeine Malate to deliver fast-digesting and crash-free energy. 


If you’re serious about your training and your results, RCN Nutrition’s hard-hitting thermogenic formula isn’t for the faint-hearted. Loaded with energy-boosting, focus-enhancing and fat burning ingredients designed to help you get in the zone and reach your weight loss goals, RCN Thermonuke is a cut above the rest. It’s still the same hardcore thermogenic you know and love, with even better ingredients and flavours!